An active musician for more than 30 years, Humberto Polar started performing and DJing as Monopolar in 2000, as La Sala Club resident in Bogota (as a dj team with Carlos “Mono” Ramírez). In 2003 he moved to Mexico City and became a respected member of the electronic community of the city. Monopolar has played in almost every club of the vibrant mexican capital. From 2008 he spent some seasons in Berlin performing his live sets at prestigious venues such as Club der Visionaere, Suicide Circus and Picknick. He has remixed Tiefschwarz and Can Oral, and his work has been remixed by Agaric, Camea, Sierra Sam, Jay Haze and Jay Tripwire. In recent years, Monopolar has played live in New York, Buenos Aires and Lima and in 2018 played a successful Boiler Room from Mexico. His knowledge of the story of techno and house music, and his minimalistic approach has earned him the respect of younger techno followers that go to listen to his rare vinyl-only dj sets at his residence in Yu Yu, one of the best clubs in Mexico. In 2000 he founded Pantamuzik Records, one of the few labels that supports Latin American artists on a regular basis. He runs the label from Mexico along with his partners Signal Deluxe, based in Berlin.